1/8 cup organic apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup water

4 lb bag sugar

1/2 tsp citric acid

Mix and place in a pan, 

press mixture in pan to 1/2 inch thick,

place in oven at 170 for 3 hours,

cool overnight.

On August 17th at 7:00pm

Dr. Samuel Ramsey 

will be Presenting


Dr. Samuel Ramsey is best known for his discovery that mites ride honey bees at the bottom segments of their abdomens, between the plates.  In this location, they consume the honey bees' fat bodies.  His studies flipped the world's view of how mites infest bees and demonstrated that we don't see the majority of phoretic mites.  The consumption of fat bodies also explains why the mites devastate the bees and trigger unusual changes in their roles within the hive.

This meeting is jointly sponsored with the Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers Association,

Beginning beekeepers may join at 6:30 pm to ask questions and socialize prior to the start of the regular meeting!


Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be hosted online to assist in social distancing. The link for the ZOOM meeting will be sent through email to paid members. Anyone who would like to pay dues may reach out to Barbara Read (for check payment) or Cory Momany (for Venmo payment).

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Bee Safe!