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Oglethorpe County Bee Club
Helping Mother Nature, One Colony at a Time

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Monthly Meetings
Beekeeper with Bees

Come join the Oglethorpe County Bee Club, the third Monday of every month at 

7 p.m. (doors open at 6:45pm) at the Georgia Farm Bureau, 925 Athens Rd., Crawford, Ga. — just a short drive east of Athens. We hope you'll attend!

Honey Bee Swarms

This space is reserved for members interested in removing low-hanging (up to 10 feet) swarms in the Athens and surrounding counties area. Service is usually free unless otherwise noted by beekeeper in your phone conversation.

Contact Communications email if you want your name here. We presently don't have anyone who is certified that can remove bees from to contact Georgia Bee Removal for their paid services at

Joe Conti 706-614-6890
David Johnson 706-201-8461

MONDAY, March 20, 2023

Farm Bureau, 7PM

Guest Speaker:

Harold Lanier



Harold Lanier is owner/operator of Lanier Bee Barn in Commerce. He offers products such as woodenware, nucs, packages, honey...and basically everything needed for beekeeping!

He even teaches bee classes.

Since we are entering prime season for swarming (and indeed bees are swarming even now), his presentation on swarming is very timely.

Hope to see you there!

Board of Directors for 2023!

President - Joe Conti

Vice President - Cory Momany

Treasurer - Georgia McPeak

Secretary - Susan Wilhelm

Communication-Elizabeth Gingle

At-Large - Mike Conner

At-Large Steven King

Librarian - Bruce Breedlove

OCBC Honey Sales!!

We are starting something new!

If you are interested in purchasing local honey from members of the club, please reach out to Elizabeth at

She will pair you with a beekeeper that is local to your area!


Upcoming speakers/events:

March: Harold Lanier (swarms)

April: Mary Lacksen (nucs)

May: Olivia Menard (how bee researchers figure out stuff!)

June: Cory Momany (open session)


 ****DUES FOR 2023 ARE DUE****

 ($12 Per Immediate Family Per Year)

Save the Honey Bees License Plate is Now Live! 


Make sure to order through the GBA website!

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