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7 p.m. (doors open at 6:15 p.m.) at the Georgia Farm Bureau, 925 Athens Rd., Crawford, Ga. — just a short drive east of Athens. We hope you'll attend!


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July 19th at 6:30

Kathleen Bourne

 "Going Horizontal - Your Bees, Your Back, and Your Bottom Line"

In-person meeting at the Farm Bureau!!


The Oglethorpe County Bee Club will resume meetings this Monday, July 19th, at the Farm Bureau (925 Athens Rd, Crawford, GA 30630). There will be no Zoom connection during the meeting.

Kathy will talk about all three types of horizontal hives and how her bees respond to them.  Also, how it is to work at countertop height without lifting boxes.  The "bottom line" part is how you can inexpensively build these hives to fit your needs.

Keeping a few bees was supposed to be just another small project on Kathy Bourn’s farm in Hart County Georgia.  After getting her first two hives in 2014, beekeeping soon became an out-of-control hobby.  She manages 10-20 colonies in an assortment of hive styles.  She builds her own Langstroths, Top Bars, Warres, Observation Hives, Long Langstroths and Layens Hives.  She also enjoys designing and building an assortment of beekeeping gadgets.  Kathy is past president and treasurer of the Lake Hartwell Beekeepers and Ga. Beekeepers Assoc. newsletter co-editor.  She is also a member of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers and the Natural Beekeepers Meet Up. 

OCBC Honey Sales!!

We are starting something new!

If you are interested in purchasing local honey from members of the club, please reach out to Elizabeth at



She will pair you with a beekeeper that is local to your area!


Honey Bee Removal 

We have several beekeepers who you may call if you need honey bees removed. If you have a bee swarm or honey bees in a building and need help, please call one of the following:

David Johnson 706-201-8461
  • Swarms up to 10'
  • Athens-Clarke, Oglethorpe, & Oconee
Joe Conti  706-614-6890
  • Swarms!


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Board of Directors for 2021!

President - Cory Momany

Vice President - Madeleine Schwab

Secretary - Joe Conti

Treasurer - Barbara Read

Communications - Elizabeth Gingle

At-Large - Georgia McPeak

At-Large Steven King

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